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What To Eat Whilst Body Building


Women and men differ in a lot of ways—physically and psychologically. Considering that, you might think that they differ as well in terms of how they lose weight. They do indeed, and that is why one particular dietary regimen may not work for both genders. Even modification of mens diet would never work for women. Continue

Diet and The Importance Of Nutrition


The way to a healthier you will start with what you eat. Yes, exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle but without proper eating habits, it would be useless. Too much information about what should and should not be consumed can be confusing and make following a healthy lifestyle more difficult than it needs to be. Continue

Tips for a Proper Gluten-free Diet


A gluten-free diet is a type of diet which strictly enforces the exclusion of ‘gluten’ in an individual’s daily food intake.


Gluten is the name of a certain group of proteins commonly found in the grains that we usually eat every day like corn and rice. However, there are types of grains and other foods in which the gluten content is a no-no for people with certain health conditions.


This type of diet is usually recommended to people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. When people with celiac disease take in food with gluten, this can cause inflammation in their small intestines. Continue

How Good a Fruit Smoothie Diet Plan is For You


There are many diet plans out there today that promise people faster weight loss. However, only a few of them take into account the health of the dieter, ensuring that the right amounts of nutrients are taken in by the body. One of these diet plans that do consists of healthy and fresh fruit smoothies. Continue

Reasons Why Carbs Help You Lose Weight

carbs to lose weight

When losing weight, the challenge that many people face is how to lose the extra unwanted pounds effectively without feeling hungry and at the same time remaining healthy. Many people tend to cut down the amount of food that they eat as well as minimizing the amount of Carbs in their diet. It is however worth noting that not all Carbs are bad and that taking the right amount of carbs can actually help you lose the extra pounds. Continue

5 Simple Rules for Quick Weight Loss

Rules to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy and those of us who have been combating their weight will vouch for it. Here are 5 simple rules for quick weight loss that, if followed in letter and spirit, will assist your efforts towards a faster weight loss.

Fat: Important Part of Any Diet

Fat In Our Diet

There are many types of diets out there, but without a doubt, the one most doomed to fail is the diet that eliminates fat. While some types of fat can be dangerous and fat should always be consumed in moderation, fat plays an important part in many of the body’s essential functions. Don’t try to eliminate all fats from your diet, instead, make healthier choices when choosing fats. Continue

Balanced Diet Tips

balanced diet

While majority of people seem to be ware of the significance of having a balanced diet, only a few actually pay a keen interest on what they eat and ensure their diet is balanced. It is partly because of this that million of people succumb to weight related diseases annually. Still, even those that promise themselves to stick to a healthy food regime, often find themselves falling off the bandwagon after some time what with the plethora of unhealthy Continue

Effective Bodybuilding Diets for Women

Body Builder Woman

Men and women have different weight training and dietary requirements when it comes to bodybuilding. Women have much lower testosterone levels than men, and this hormone is responsible for increase in muscle mass. As a result, women need to pay much greater attention to their diet to be able to attain the required body shape. In addition, women have more difficulty in metabolizing lipids and carbohydrates compared to men. Continue

Some Useful Tips about Gluten-Free Diets

Gluten free dieting is among the newest trends in the weight loss, and healthy diet market. This is because of the increasing perception of a link between gluten and digestive disorders, allergy, and weight retention. Even so, to create a beneficial gluten-free diet for your family members and you, you should keep several things in mind. Here are some useful tips about gluten-free diets: