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5 Simple Rules for Quick Weight Loss

Losing weight is not easy and those of us who have been combating their weight will vouch for it. Here are 5 simple rules for quick weight loss that, if followed in letter and spirit, will assist your efforts towards a faster weight loss.

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Rule # 1
Identify foods that help you lose weight and the ones that affect you otherwise. Look out for what foods you should not eat when you’re trying to lose weight. If you substitute a soda bottle with 20 oz of water, you can end up shedding up to 35 pounds a year.
Avoid coffee and have green tea because coffee increases stress level which leads to fat deposits. Reduce or try to quit drinking alcohol. Alcohol is basically the refined juice of some natural food which makes it a concentrated sugar drink that makes you gain fat easily.


Rule # 2
Before every meal eat at least one fruit together with 8 ounces of water. This almost guarantees that you never eat more and gain weight because it will make you feel more full and satisfied before you start of with your meal. Have a glass of vegetable juice prior to your meal. Studies reveal that it suppresses your diet thereby making you 135 calories less.


Rule # 3
Eat more fiber and protein and drink water at every meal. It helps the fiber expand in the stomach to give you a fuller feeling for much more time. Take at least 30% of your diet as proteins. Like fiber, protein also makes you feel full and keeps you satisfied longer.


Rule # 4
Wait until your food cravings pass away. If you are on regular meals and not depriving yourself of food, most cravings will vanish within 20 minutes because they are only in your mind. You can combat these “false cravings” by occupying your mind with other activities like playing a game on the computer or watching TV.


foods burn fatRule # 5
Try and avoid sweeteners. Sweeteners increase your insulin levels which in turn increase your cravings for food. So it’s best to avoid diet sodas, artificial sweeteners like sweets and even honey.


Try out these rules yourselves to benefit from them. Complement them with a regular workout and see the magic.