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Reasons Why Carbs Help You Lose Weight

When losing weight, the challenge that many people face is how to lose the extra unwanted pounds effectively without feeling hungry and at the same time remaining healthy. Many people tend to cut down the amount of food that they eat as well as minimizing the amount of Carbs in their diet. It is however worth noting that not all Carbs are bad and that taking the right amount of carbs can actually help you lose the extra pounds.The right amount of carbs means the resistant starch or fibers such as legumes, beans and grains. Below are the reasons why Carbs help you lose weight.

keep slim

Keeping you slim for a long time
The resistant starch help you lower the level of cholesterol, burn more calories, eat lesser amounts of food, feel less stressed and more energized. Eating more carbs therefore help a lot in becoming slim. A research conducted on slim people showed they were able to stay slim when their daily caloric intake include 64% or 361 grams of carbs.
Minimizing your craving for food
Carbs that are resistant starch drives away the craving for eating more. A combination of resistant starch and fiber will fill you up and satisfy you full. Your craving to eating more food is therefore suppressed enabling the body to concentrate on other metabolic activities. The levels of satiety hormones in the body are also raised. These hormones direct the brain to switch off the hunger craving and turn up metabolism.
minimize starvingEncouraging the body to burn more fat
Taking the right amount of carbs will speed up the metabolism and natural fat burners in your body. During the digestion of the resistant starch, it produces fatty acids along the digestive system. These fatty acids catalyses the burning of fats in the body especially in the belly. They also help in preserving muscle mass which stokes the metabolism allowing you to lose more weight faster.