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What To Eat Whilst Body Building

Women and men differ in a lot of ways—physically and psychologically. Considering that, you might think that they differ as well in terms of how they lose weight. They do indeed, and that is why one particular dietary regimen may not work for both genders. Even modification of mens diet would never work for women.


There are some women who have spent considerable time working out but have found that nothing has worked. Achieving the desired body tone seems to be quite difficult no matter how much they focus with their workout. It is important to note that women do not easily get muscles hitting the gym for even long hours due to high estrogen levels. You need to follow and observe faithfully a particular bodybuilding diet along with weight training exercise in order to gain the totally toned body you desire.

It is recommended to have a workout journal to monitor the progress of the diet you have employed. Bodybuilding diets are rich in protein and controlled amounts of carbohydrates as most women are sensitive to carbs and gain more fats instead of building muscles.


Women bodybuilders can consume brown rice, eggs, oats, and whole grains as these are good sources of carbohydrates and are best eaten for breakfast. Stable blood sugar levels need to be maintained in order to continue the fat-burning process and lessen food cravings.


Sodas, soft drinks, and other processed foods should be avoided as they contain very high amounts of undesirable fats. The only acceptable fats that women bodybuilders should have are trans fats, which are found at low levels in some meat and dairy products.


As bodybuilding diets should be high in protein, you should know the best sources such as legumes, meat, and milk and include these in your meals. Calcium, which can be found in tofu, meat, eggs, yogurt, and milk, is equally important to maintain strong bones. Weight lifting needs you to have a strong foundation otherwise, the body will deteriorate. Calcium increases the body’s ability to break down fats too making it a great fitness aid.


Green leafy vegetables and fruits are vital as these contain the necessary nutrients and vitamin requirements for women. These are rich in fiber or roughage that can help cleanse the body and aids well in digestion.


B vitamins like folic acid are popular among bodybuilders as it provides more oxygen during weight training and helps build muscles. Supplements are available as well but always seek medical advice for taking anything to avoid overuse of these drugs.

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