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Keeping Fitness Alive…


Nowadays, there has been much hype in keeping the body in tip top shape. Who would not want a body with six pack abs or a perfectly s-lined slim figure? As a result, many ways of keeping fit exists.

There is the gym. You can sign up in the gym nearest to you in your neighborhood and join their various fitness programs. You can even have your own personal trainer to guide you with the proper ways and techniques to help you get the body that you desire. Continue

Healthy Snacks That Help Your Body After Exercise


An essential part of healthy living is a regular work out plan. You lose a lot of water and energy when engaging in strenuous exercise. It is important to replenish yourself with vital fluids and minerals in order to function as effectively as possible. However, do not eat in excess for it will defeat the purpose of the exercise. Continue

How Exercise Reduces Stress


There are so many different stressful things we deal with every day such as; work, family, children, weight, finances, and lots of other things we do not even realize are stressing us out. Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step every day. But exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. Continue

3 Moves To Avoid Your Muffin Top


Muffin Tops can occur at any age and it’s one of the common problem especially between women who try hard to avoid from it. This fat tends to occur between the belly button and the pubis and as it grows it leaks out of your jeans. When you have this fat around your belly, you can’t wear attractive tops and skinny jeans; you feel uncomfortable and even you don’t like to go on parties with your friends. Continue

5 Effective Yoga Poses To Do After Sitting All Day

desk yoga

Sitting all day can be quite exhausting, taking great toll on your body especially your back. This might lead to pain on the shoulder, neck, upper and lower back, and if unattended to, this might lead to chronic complications. The backs of the legs are not an exception as they often get tight. Thankfully, there are a few yoga poses that you can perform to relax your body and improve flexibility. Read on. Continue

What Exercises Can I Do to Get Rid of a Flat Butt?

avoid flat butt

We aren’t all lucky enough to be born with the curves of Beyonce and J Lo, but a butt to be jealous can be achieved by certain workouts that will target that area. If you don’t have a particularly shapely and attractive booty and have been asking yourself, What exercises can i do to get rid of a flat butt? Then read on and find out. Continue

A Better Body in 2 Hours a Week: A Total-Body Workout

body workout

Getting a better body does not have to mean spending hours and hours on end at the gym on the treadmill. Getting in shape and having that toned body you always dreamed of is simply a matter of working out in the most efficient way possible. You can get a great body by working out only 2 hours a week if you simply combine muscle strengthening exercises with cardiovascular exercises. Continue

7 Slimming Workouts For Small Space

home workout

For whatever reason you decide to exercise indoors, then you probably need to get the best workouts that bear maximum results. The following are seven home workouts that can be done easily with the positive results.

If you want to trim very quickly or tone your body, then you should consider the kettlebell added in your home gym-arsenal. Continue

Transform Your Body in 30 Minutes a Day

Body Workout

Many people would wonder how to fight the flab within a short period of time and how to lose weight today. A rotation of short bursts of maximum exercises followed by abbreviated rest, can achieve greater fat burning results compared to normal workouts. All you need to do is to pick a cardio activity and push yourself to the limits for twenty seconds. Rest for ten seconds and repeat Continue

Yoga for a beautiful body

yoga health

A woman’s beauty is defined by her attitude as well as her physique every woman strives to remain beautiful by using either artificial or natural means. More often than not, the artificial means usually do not work out well for the person. A natural way that can be used to boost ones health as well as their physique is through yoga for a beautiful body. Yoga is an ancient Indian art that can be translated to mean union, when it is practiced, a person is able to Continue