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3 Moves To Avoid Your Muffin Top

Muffin Tops can occur at any age and it’s one of the common problem especially between women who try hard to avoid from it. This fat tends to occur between the belly button and the pubis and as it grows it leaks out of your jeans. When you have this fat around your belly, you can’t wear attractive tops and skinny jeans; you feel uncomfortable and even you don’t like to go on parties with your friends. But here are the exercises that will make your muffin top disappear. You just need to make these exercises and you’ll get the desired, attractive figure.


#1. Side Bends
Stand up straight with your feet hip distance apart,keep your back straight and your head up. Bend only at the waist, As you reach down toward your toes with one arm, lift the other one up toward your waist, placing your hand on your hip. Alternate sides with one arm up, one arm down. Repeat it 100 times
#2. Standing Twists
Stand straight with your feet hip distance enough to balance your body. Place your hands behind your head and begin rotating torso through waist to one side then to the opposite side. Continue rotation for several minutes.
side plank#3. Side Planks
This is another exercise that will remove the fat from your hips. Lie on your right side, straight your legs, keep your hips and right knee in contact with the exercise mat. then raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from the ankles to the shoulders. Repeat this exercise during 3 minutes.