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5 Effective Yoga Poses To Do After Sitting All Day

Sitting all day can be quite exhausting, taking great toll on your body especially your back. This might lead to pain on the shoulder, neck, upper and lower back, and if unattended to, this might lead to chronic complications. The backs of the legs are not an exception as they often get tight. Thankfully, there are a few yoga poses that you can perform to relax your body and improve flexibility. Read on.

sun solution yoga

#5 Yoga Poses to do after Sitting all Day
*1. Sun Salutations
Sitting for a whole day disrupts the proper flow of blood. Performing sun salutation poses can help in rectifying the flow of blood in the body, improving the strength and flexibility of muscles especially around the spinal cord. The poses will also warm up your body and tone the abdominal muscles.
yoga pigeon *2. Pigeon
Regardless of the posture you adopt when sitting, the hips receive thorough beating. This is probably because they support the total weight of the upper body for a long period of time, yet lack a wide range of motion. The pigeon pose helps in releasing the tension around the hip region and in opening the hips.
*3. Bridge
This is yet another yoga pose that helps the spine especially in correcting the weird curvature that the spine takes when you slouch. When performing this pose, put more emphasis on drawing the arms and shoulders under your body and raising your hips instead of tightening the butt.

Marichyasana C yoga*4. Marichyasana C
This pose is also known as a spinal twist. Slouching when sitting can wreck the spinal column but a little a gentle twist can awake the vertebrae and wring our any toxins from your organs.
*5. Half Moon Pose
Sitting all day can leave you feeling exhausted and crumpled into a heap. The half moon pose promotes strength and openness and it can rejuvenate your strength within minutes. It also opens the chest and promotes balance.
Half Moon Pose YogaSo, next time you spend a whole day sitting at your computer desk or in the office sorting out paper work, perform the aforementioned yoga posses and get your body back in shape.