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Healthy Snacks That Help Your Body After Exercise

An essential part of healthy living is a regular work out plan. You lose a lot of water and energy when engaging in strenuous exercise. It is important to replenish yourself with vital fluids and minerals in order to function as effectively as possible. However, do not eat in excess for it will defeat the purpose of the exercise.


Drink plenty of water after exercising because during your workout, the body releases water along with fats in the form of sweat. And so a lack of water in the body will result in dehydration. Dehydration can cause several minor complications in our body. So don’t forget to drink enough water after all physical exercise you do.


Along with the need for hydration, there are foods that are perfect for snacks after workout. These foods help you recuperate from the workout. Workouts can cause stiffness and soreness of the muscles, especially for first-timers. Your muscles need to recover from tiredness and sometimes, overexertion.


One of the best snacks after a session at the gym are nuts. It could be peanuts, walnut, almonds or any type of nuts. But be careful; if you are allergic to nuts, obviously do not eat them! These nuts contain Vitamin E that helps strengthen the muscles and ease soreness. Vitamin E also helps repair any damage in your muscle tissues from the exercise. Though nuts are healthy, it is best to keep everything in moderation. Also, beware of nuts in cans as they are filled with excess oils and salt & are very unhealthy. So when you are selecting nuts to eat look for the least salty and oily nuts.


Banana and protein shakes are great. Put the two in the blender and avoid adding too much sugar. Protein helps building of and repairing torn muscles in the body. Straight after exercise it is best not to eat protein from fish, tuna or chicken for they take a lot longer to digest. Bananas are an excellent source of energy that will keep you from getting tired after a workout. Half a banana is the ideal amount to incorporate in the protein shake.


Yogurt and berries are also great post exercise snacks. These snacks are loaded with amino acids that help build muscles and repair them. After exercise, the body is depleted with amino acids, so you need a good source. Chose yogurt that is low in fat content and plain. Unnecessary flavors contain artificial flavoring and added sugar.


Moderation is important when eating these snacks. You do not want to gain extra pounds from the calories, do you? So, do not forget to drink plenty of water and eat the right snack after your workout.

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