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How to get the most out of your running regimen

It is a common misconception among those wishing to lose weight that the more running they do, the more they stand to lose weight. Whilst running is universally acknowledged as one of the most efficient ways of burning calories, the same does not hold true especially when it is done over an extended period of time. This is because the more mileage you put in your daily runs, the better the body becomes at managing the running and consequently the fewer calories you burn. While calorie losses may be registered at the beginning of the running program, progress will soon flat line as the body begins to adjust to the running exertions it is subjected to. In addition, efficient running does not necessarily entail long distances as undertaking these regularly not only results in physical injuries to the body, but one’s enthusiasm becomes dampened over time and thus weight loss goals become unattainable.

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Efficient Running Regimen
The good news, however, is that there are ways of making your running regimen more efficient with increased benefits over a short period of time. This is achieved by understanding how best your body can burn calories while running i.e. by increasing your running intensity whilst making sure that your body gradually gets stronger. Here are a few ways to make this a reality:


Efficient RunningIncorporate short periods of intensive running activity- When you run leisurely, the body gets energy from the air you inhale. However, once you raise your running intensity, the body loses its efficiency and has to do more to burn calories in order to carry out the intense activity.
Alternate the amount of time that you engage in these running intervals varying between long, medium and short periods in order to always keep your body on edge.
Devote certain days of your running regimen to crushing workouts so as to maximize the burning of calories. These may include but not be limited to switching up workouts be it from hard runs that involve a lot of puffing to jogs or walks during recovery periods; increasing distances as your body builds resilience etc.