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Transform Your Body in 30 Minutes a Day

Many people would wonder how to fight the flab within a short period of time and how to lose weight today. A rotation of short bursts of maximum exercises followed by abbreviated rest, can achieve greater fat burning results compared to normal workouts. All you need to do is to pick a cardio activity and push yourself to the limits for twenty seconds. Rest for ten seconds and repeat seven more times. Doing this for four minutes can be even more effective than an hour of normal workouts. These are some of the high intensity exercises that you can perform in 30 minutes to meet your goal on how to lose weight today.

Treadmill at home

Transform your body in 30 minute a day! Exercise on a treadmill and set it to the maximum speed. Sprint for twenty seconds with all your might and then stop and rest for ten seconds. Alternate between resting and sprinting. Make sure you have the timer with you when you perform the workout. If there is no access to the treadmill machine, you can run up and down the stairs to burn a similar amount of calories within the same time frame.
If you prefer the outdoors, head outside for a sprint instead of spending the time in the sweaty gym. Just like the treadmill exercise, alternate between sprinting and resting. Repeat the same cycle for four minutes or longer if you can tolerate it. This can help you to increase your endurance very quickly. These workouts are for short periods of time therefore there is less wear and tear for your body. It also exerts less pressure on your joints and knee.

playground workoutYou can also do circuit workouts to lose weight effectively and fast. Circuit workouts can bring you to your maximum heart rate as well as physical effort. It is one of the best ways to make a strength and resistance training workout that is challenging for your lungs and heart. For example, you can perform four exercises for twenty seconds each and repeat the cycle three times. For maximum results, choose exercises like crunches, push ups, squats and calf raises. Remember to take a ten seconds break in between.