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The Facts About Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating has been emphasized by many – both medical science practitioners and common folk. It does not only promote fitness of an individual but as also the general well-being to a very satisfactory rate.

The food pyramid contains several levels of serving suggestions of the different food groups wherein the base food group has the greatest amount of serving while those at the peak have the least amount of Continue

Drinks To AVOID For Your Health


In order to maintain a healthy and fit body, a healthy eating habit and an exercise plan should be followed. But it does not end there. The type of drinks that you consume are also an important factor.


What you drink might defeat the purpose of eating healthily and exercising regularly. Also what you drink may contain unnecessary calories and sugar and other damaging ingredients. Continue

Carbs & How They CAN Help


Do you want to lose weight in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible? You need not worry as losing weight doesn’t necessarily have to be torturous.


You might think that having carbs in the diet would contribute to gaining more weight. That is not true at all as we need the right amount of carbs which will be then turned into a good type of fat that acts as a protective shield for our vital organs. Continue

Fats and Eating Healthily


Fat – a word that is often negatively associated with unhealthy food products. However, not all types of fat are unhealthy. There are fats that are necessary for the human body and these are needed by the brain, heart and body cells.

Healthy fat that is important to human body are those that are found in certain omega-3 fats called EPA and DHA which help reduce cardiovascular disease, improve a person’s mood, and help prevent dementia. Aside from that, Continue

Paving The Way To A Healthy Eating Habit


A healthy eating plan is essential to a long and healthy life. A healthy eating plan can help you ward off diseases. But the question is: what makes up a healthy eating plan? It does not stop at reaching the caloric requirements. It is more than that. Sometimes you are bombarded with too much information that you do not know what is important and what is not. Continue

Turmeric & The Little Known Benefits


Nature provides us with natural herbs and spices that are essential to our bodies needs and functions. It also provides cures and prevention for us to survive. Most of them have been used since centuries ago and even still exists in the kitchens nowadays.


Turmeric (Curcuma longa), a main component of Indian curry and the source of the bright yellow color in American mustard, is part of the ginger family and its active ingredient is cucurmin. It has been a staple in the kitchens in South and Southeast Asia and it has attracted many around the globe. Continue

Fats and their Importance


Contrary to other people’s opinions, fat is most definitely important to any diet. With that being said, you also have to remember that eating too much and too little fat is never good. It is important to know how not to exclude fat in your diet and at the same time, keep minimal yet enough levels of fat in your system. Continue

Healthy Eating, What Does it Mean


Some people have a different idea of what constitutes a healthy diet. Some people think eating as little as possible is the way to go. Other people think that if they eat all vegetables and fruits that they are being healthy. The truth is that healthy eating does not have to be about eating all one thing, and it certainly does not mean starving yourself. There are different types of diets out there, but healthy eating really just comes down to knowing what your body needs and what is good for it. Continue

Healthy Diets are a Must


A healthy diet does not have to be painful, most of the time with a few tweaks you can turn the food you love to eat into healthy meals for you and your family. According to the dictionary a healthy diet is one that maintains or improves your health. You need to eat right to not only stay at a healthy weight, and feel good about yourself, but also to keep your body healthy. Continue

Slow and Steady, the Effective Way to Lose Weight


Everyone wants to know the effective ways to lose weight. People do not always do it the right way because they are misinformed. The key to keeping the weight off when you start to lose it is to do it the right way. You do not want to starve yourself or lose weight too quickly because it will just come back. Usually people who lose weight too quickly gain the weight back. You want all your good eating and hard work to show after a couple of months, not have everything undone again. Continue