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5 of the best healthy snacks to help your body recuperate after a workout

For those involved in exercise regimens or any kind of physical activity, it is important to not only know how one’s body functions, but what it needs to perform optimally. Thus for healthy fitness and weight loss, one has to consume fewer calories than are used up by the body but not too few lest the body does not perform at its optimum. Therefore, the timing, content, and size of your post-workout snacks or meals determines how well your body recovers and rebuilds after those grueling sessions when you have expended most if not all of your energy. Herein below, we take a look at 5 healthy snacks to eat after working out as follows:

fruit yogurt

Low-fat Yogurt with Fruit– Yogurt that contains a small amount of fat is healthy as it takes care of your protein needs whilst the fruit contained therein provides the body with vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. It is recommended that you choose berries or other fruit varieties and try them with different yogurt flavors.
Dried nuts and fruits– Nuts are universally acclaimed for their high protein content coupled with healthy fats. Whenever you are craving for something sweet and salty, eat nuts with dried fruit but always remember to watch the portions that you partake. A quarter cup is the recommended portion for dried fruit and nut mixes.
Vegetable omelet– This is a highly recommended post-workout snack as eggs are a traditionally rich protein source that is essential in the repair of muscles and tissue after a rigorous workout. Additionally, the vegetables in the omelet are a source of vitamins and fiber. Adding a few slices of whole grain bread will provide you with much needed carbohydrates.
smoothiesSmoothies– You can make yourself a fruit smoothie either with either low-fat yogurt or skimmed milk for the ultimate post-workout energy boost. One can include either frozen fruit or protein powder to give the smoothie a thick texture.
Energy bars– There are countless edible energy bars available on the market that can satisfy the body’s energy needs after a workout. They come in different flavors and are popular as they not only meet one’s energy needs, but can meet nutritional needs as well. It is also important to remember that these do not necessarily form part of a balanced diet and can contribute to excessive nutrient intake, so over-reliance on them is not advocated for.