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Can Food Combing Help Your Lose Weight?

Food combing is one of the safest and medically approved ways of losing weight. It advocates for consumption of carbohydrates and proteins separately so as to maximize health gains. This theory is scientifically proved and based on the fact that food tend to ferment in the body leading to release of toxins which can lead to gaining of weight.

bean with vegetables

Eating food products that belong to the same group cannot cause weight problems. For example, meat usually takes approximately four hours for it to be completely digested hence you should desist from consuming meat and easting an apple immediately after. This is because the apple will have to stay in the stomach until the meat is completely digested before it can be used up by the body. This will in turn lead to release of harmful chemicals that are usually acidic from to the fermentation process.


Below are some of the food combination suggestions that can help you lose all the excess fat stored in the body.


Citrus with Nuts
Green Veggies with Cheese
Legumes such as beans and peas with Green vegetables
Sour Milk with Sweet fruits
Eggs with Green Veggies
Melons alone
Milk alone
Salad with Avocados


melonAvoid combining proteins with starches or sweet fruits with acid fruits so as to avoid acidosis. Acidosis is a process that leads to accumulation of acids in the stomach due to fermentation of the consumed food before they are digested. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting this diet plan so as to avoid any health complications that may arise. If possible, purchase foodstuffs that are grown using various organic farming methods so as to safeguard your health. Conventionally grown food products contain some trace elements such as lead whose presence in the body can cause cancer.


Food combining is an effective way of losing weight.