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Drinks To AVOID For Your Health

In order to maintain a healthy and fit body, a healthy eating habit and an exercise plan should be followed. But it does not end there. The type of drinks that you consume are also an important factor.


What you drink might defeat the purpose of eating healthily and exercising regularly. Also what you drink may contain unnecessary calories and sugar and other damaging ingredients.


You need to be careful when ordering your coffee at your favorite coffee shop or that energy drink that you use.


Here are some of the drinks that you should be wary of:


Whipped coffee drinks. You might not be able to last a day without a cup of coffee or two but these drinks are not good for your waistline. They contain a LOT of calories and sugar and so it is best to avoid these drinks. But if you can’t, reduce the consumption to once a day and skip the whip.


Fruit-drinks. Though these drinks are said to come from fruits, these are also loaded with excess sugar and artificial flavors. Avoid these type of drinks unless it is indicated that these are 100% natural.


Artificial Fruit Smoothies. They are said to be “healthy” but are not at all healthy. These types of Smoothies are packed with sugar and are not really packed with real fruit but flavoring. Ensure when you get a Smoothie, you only have a real fruit one.


Sports and energy drinks. Sports drinks are for people who engage in moderate to heavy exercise. The electrolytes are good when you are sweating. But most sports drinks are loaded with preservatives and excess sugar in the form of glucose. Energy drinks might give a boost of energy but it will be for a short period of time. The energy you get from these drinks are from your body being overloaded with caffeine and sugar.


Soda. According to studies, one of the reasons of obesity and diabetes is the intake of sodas. A daily drink of cola will increase your risk of diabetes and obesity. It is packed with unnatural flavors and empty sugars. The best action is to completely avoid these drinks for there no nutritional gain from them.


Alcoholic drinks. It is of common knowledge that drinking alcoholic beverages involves countless health risks. It is a common factor for various physical ailments such as liver cirrhosis, kidney problems, and cancer. Alcohol can also cause depression, addiction, and anxiety. With these types of issues further complications might arise and may lead to serious psychological harm.


With the list above, the best action is to completely avoid these beverages at all times but due to our present lifestyle, it is very difficult to do so. If you cannot resist the temptations of these drinks, drink them in moderation.


There are a lot more preferable drinks such as herbal tea, 100% natural fruit-drink, skimmed milk, water is still the best drink. It is natural and our body really needs it.

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