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Healthy Eating, What Does it Mean

Some people have a different idea of what constitutes a healthy diet. Some people think eating as little as possible is the way to go. Other people think that if they eat all vegetables and fruits that they are being healthy. The truth is that healthy eating does not have to be about eating all one thing, and it certainly does not mean starving yourself. There are different types of diets out there, but healthy eating really just comes down to knowing what your body needs and what is good for it.


You need protein, fat, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and water to have a healthy balanced diet. You can get these in any way you see fit. If you want to have an egg omelet in the morning with whole grain toast, fruit, and cooked vegetables, then you go ahead. You are getting in a lot of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients your body needs for the day. You need fat, there is a common misconception that fat is bad, it is the extra calories of fat that are bad. You need to take in Omega 3, 6, and 9.


Having a plant based diet is fine if you are a vegetarian, but you must have protein in your diet to avoid withering away and having brittle bones. Another thing that will help you stick to healthy eating is eating at home, and taking your lunch to work. You eat access calories when you order food in a restaurant, because the serving sizes are huge. There is also a temptation to order something that is not good for you like cheese fries when you are staring at a menu.


The less you eat out the better your diet will be, and the better you will feel. Stay away from double pounders and the biggest burrito at taco bell. You can find salads there; you can find low calorie meals anywhere. You just have to plan where you will eat ahead of time, and look up the calories before you go. You will probably be surprised what is high in calories, and what is not. You should never judge a book by its cover and that is especially true when it comes to food.


Healthy eating comes down to knowing what your body needs and stopping when you are full. Chewing slowly can help you not over do it. If you have to go out to eat have half of your food wrapped to go. If it is sitting in front of you, you are more likely to eat all of it. Do not feel bad having a salad when the rest of the table is having cheeseburgers.


You made a commitment to yourself and you feel good about it. Letting other people discourage you, or worse talk you into eating unhealthy, will make you feel worse later. You know what is good for you, and you have your own goals to reach. Stick to them and you will be happy with the results.

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