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Slow and Steady, the Effective Way to Lose Weight

Everyone wants to know the effective ways to lose weight. People do not always do it the right way because they are misinformed. The key to keeping the weight off when you start to lose it is to do it the right way. You do not want to starve yourself or lose weight too quickly because it will just come back. Usually people who lose weight too quickly gain the weight back. You want all your good eating and hard work to show after a couple of months, not have everything undone again.


People will try a new fad or crash diet that drastically changes the way they eat and their body will go into shock. When you drastically reduce the number of calories you are feeding yourself then you body goes into starvation mode. When this happens no matter how much exercise you do your body will try to burn the smallest amount of calories. Your metabolism will be nonexistent. You body is going to try to hold onto the fat that is there so that it does not lose too much due to not eating. You can see that this is the opposite of what you are going for. The most effective way to lose weight is slow and steady.


People want instant gratification, but you have to be patient with it. You must make positive changes in your eating habits and in the amount of activity that you do. Most doctors agree, you should never cut your calories to less than 1200 a day to lose weight. That is not responsible or healthy. You also should not lose more than two pounds a week at the most. If you begin to lose more quickly than that you will need to do something different. You can lose the weight you want to, you just have to be healthy about it. In order to lose weight you need to cut calories from your diet and burn calories.


Creating a calorie deficit can be as simple as cutting 250 calories from your diet daily and burning at least 250 calories a day. This will usually result in around a pound lost per week. If you cut 500 calories from your diet and burn 500 calories then you see the same progression. This is the ideal amount for a healthy weight loss per week. One to two pounds is safe, and when you hit a plateau you can cut more as long as you do not go under 1200. That is not a healthy amount to eat every day, and you will not feel well enough to exercise or have the energy to go through your day. If you are losing more than that at a time then you will find it difficult to keep it off.


If you set a goal to eat healthy every day you will not have to count calories. If you eat lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats then you will feel better. Lots of people do not take the time plan out their meals, and just grab fast food or something that is not going to help their body. If you take the time to plan out your meals and pick healthy items then you will see results.

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