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The 3 Worst Drinks for Your Health

Staying fit and healthy is not just about eating the right food – you should also take note of what you are drinking throughout the day. It is true that it is necessary to consume a considerable amount of liquid every day, but you also need to watch out for the 3 worst drinks for your health. You may not know it, and it may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but there are actually several types of drinks that can be bad for the health and the body.

Soda For Your Body

Just a can of soda can add more or less 140 calories and that number is definitely not a good idea especially if you are trying to slim down and maintain your ideal figure. Sodas also contain a lot of sugar, making it a great contributing factor of childhood obesity. Aside from that, there are several diseases and medical conditions that are linked to soda consumption, diet or regular. Among these conditions and diseases are high blood pressure, resistance to insulin, weight gain especially in the stomach area and diabetes.
Hard Liquor
Hard liquor is also among the 3 worst drinks for your health, especially since a lot of people consumer it higher than recommended. Drinking a glass or two a day may bring some good benefits to one’s health, but anything that’s in excess is obviously bad. High alcohol intake is associated in the increasing number of death caused by certain kinds of cancer.
frozen drinksFrozen Mixed Drinks/Coffee Drinks
The Pina Colada, with up to 880 calories per serving, is one good example of those frozen mixed drinks that you should stay away from. Frozen coffee drinks are also considered to be one of the top 3 worst drinks for your health, knowing its calorie and sugar content. They are definitely among the yummiest and hardest to resist drinks but if you’re really serious about sticking with your diet, you’ll need to say not to them as early as now.