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The Pros and Cons of Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Most people would answer that question with a definite, “Yes!” However, most of those same people won’t eat much of it because everyone talks about how fattening it is for you. Now though, there are some who say that our beloved chocolate may not be so bad after all. So, what are the pros and cons of chocolate?

Now, research shows that the pros of indulging in that chocolate bar could be substantial. Apparently a little known secret about it is that it’s filled with antioxidants. It includes more than 300 mg of Polyphenols. It is also found in red wine and is thought to be good protection for your heart, in just 40 grams of chocolate. 40 grams is about the same amount as a cup of green tea. Chocolate is also filled with oligomers that can possibly prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing in the artery walls of your heart.


According to British researchers, including 100g of dark chocolate daily along with other foods and wine could cut your risk of heart disease by 76%. That alone should be enough pros but there are other things good as well.

Eating chocolate also increases certain chemicals that make you feel good. Meaning in some cases it can cause euphoria. It can also increase your fat metabolism, increase alertness, and decrease feeling tired because it contains caffeine.

The cons are obviously the calories. Just 100 grams of milk chocolate contains 520 of them. Dark chocolate contains slightly less.
A surprising reason to avoid eating it daily is the cost of adding it to your diet. It seems that the more you pay for your chocolate the better it will be for you to eat it.

It can also cause you to experience glucose swings which may encourage you to eat more, on top of the calories you have already taken in with the chocolate. The glucose is also reason to worry because it increases your risk of 2 diabetes and obesity. The sugar high could also lead to mood swings.

Other cons include acne and tooth decay. So you aren’t off the hook yet. All in all though, if you eat sensibly, you shouldn’t have to avoid chocolate all together any more. So sit back and enjoy your chocolate bar once in a while!