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Top 3 Diet Friendly Desserts you should eat to supplement your healthy plan

Desserts are highly discouraged by health experts especially on individuals with healthy diet plans or losing weight. However, although majority of the popular desserts are unhealthy, you can eat a dessert without skipping your healthy diet plans. In fact, you can complement your healthy eating plan by focusing on low calorie diet friendly desserts and nutrient rich foods. The nutrient rich desserts that you should crave for include


Banana Ice Cream
Adding bananas in your dessert ingredients is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet craving. Bananas have low calorie and high levels of fiber and potassium. To add the benefits on your health add dark chocolate in moderation. The dark chocolate is a necessary ingredient due to its antioxidant effect. To make this delicious and healthy ice cream, you should first freeze the bananas. Take two frozen bananas and process them for about two minutes and then add ¼ cup of dark chocolate and process for one minute. You should then serve. For different flavors you can experiment with different frozen fruits such as berries, peaches and mangoes.


Pudding fruits with nuts
Nuts and fruits are nutritious and contain high levels of vitamin C, protein and fiber. They can be mixed to create low calorie diet friendly desserts. To make this delicious dessert, prepare the banana flavored package using skim milk. The skim milk will lower the levels of calorie and fat content. You should then stir with your lovely fruit such as bananas, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries. Add chopped nuts into the mixture such as pecans and almonds and then serve. For a different flavor you may consider using vanilla pudding and other varying fruits.


fruit sorbetFresh fruit Sorbet
You can use pure fruit juice and fresh fruits to make nutrient rich low calorie diet friendly desserts. Add 4 cups of fresh fruit such as peaches, mangoes or berries into a bowl with ½ cup of water and ¼ cup of frozen fruit juice and blend. Freeze the mixture until it hardens and then serve.Pudding fruits with nuts