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Top 5 Low Calorie Snacks

Experts are of the option that taking several small meals, rather than the traditional three heavy meals a day, can help you lose weight. Low calorie snacks moderate the blood sugar level and provide enough energy to the body. They can also provide essential nutrients that cannot be availed form other food stuffs. Furthermore, snacking is healthier than fasting as it can help you reduce weight an still provide essential vitamins and nutrients. Here are the top five low calorie snacks.

Apple Slices*1. Apple Slices
Instead of taking chips every time you desire to eat something sweet and salty, slice your apple and dip the slices into tablespoonful peanut butter. This is a perfect combination that can help you reduce the risks of heart attacks and other heart related diseases. One apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter contains 150 calories.

*2. Oatmeal
Apart from the fact that oatmeal is rich in fiber, it contains healthy carbohydrates which release high amounts of glucose; giving the body enough energy. 100g of oatmeal satisfies you while adding only 90 calories to your body.

*3. Hard-boiled Egg
Eggs are hard to digest and contain high levels of protein. a boiled egg will therefore stay in the stomach for a long period of time, making you feel satisfied for long. The York is equally important and shouldn’t be ignored. One boiled-egg offers approximately 80 calories.

*4. Yogurt
Yogurt contains proteins and calcium thus considered a healthy snack that can satisfy your hunger and provide essential nutrients to your body. 100g of pure natural yogurt has 40 calories.

Almonds are ideal snacks especially when you’re in the middle of work or school. They contain high levels of potassium, magnesium, protein and fiber. They also contain phytochemicals that are well known for preventing heart attacks and strokes. Almonds contain only 8 calories.

However, snacking can break your diet. It’s therefore important that you watch your eating habits. Eat sparingly and you will achieve your weight loss goal.