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Want to eat more and weigh less? Here’s how

If you are one of those people who are irked by the notion that in order to diet one has to eat less, well, you are in for some pleasant news. The fact is that you can eat more and weigh less by picking those foods that have lower amount of calories but in larger volume. Since people tend to choose their food based on volume as opposed to the amount of calories contained therein, the quantity of food is more or less the same while the calorie intake is the one that varies. It follows, therefore, that by lowering the amount of calories that are present in your food, one can still satisfy their appetite in a healthy and smart fashion. Here are a few tips on how to do so:
Fruit vegetable diet

Incorporate vegetables in your diet

Vegetables are renowned for being fiber laden which lowers the calorific density of the food you consume as the body cannot digest it entirely. They also leave you feeling more satisfied afterwards.


Reduce on fat

Since fat contains twice as many calories per bite as either carbohydrates or proteins, the more of it that is on your plate, the less likely you are to eat more without putting on weight. Experts, therefore, recommend keeping the fat out of your diet by having food items such as skinless chicken, lean cuts of beef, non fat dairy etc.


Add water to your meals while cooking

This adds bulk to your meals with no almost extra calories at all meaning you can eat more and not have to worry about gaining weight.


Include salads in your meals

Voluminous leafy greens and fresh vegetables that are low in calories make for excellent additions to your diet. If the salad is part of the main course, adding a piece of skinless chicken leaves you feeling fuller for longer.