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4 Healthy Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Years ago apple cider vinegar had been used for different purposes such as killing weeds, cleaning coffee makers and so on. But recently it had been approved that apple cider has is the beneficial for your health. Some small studies have hinted that apple cider vinegar could help with several conditions, such as blood pressure and acidic conditions. Continue

Health Benefits of Turmeric

turmeric powder

Researchers have recently recognized the medical properties of Turmeric, an orange colored spice, from the ginger family. “Turmeric is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory available,” Horwitz states. It’s a natural way for improving your health conditions. Below you can see all the health benefits of that turmeric spice. Continue

Reasons Why Carbs Help You Lose Weight

carbs to lose weight

When losing weight, the challenge that many people face is how to lose the extra unwanted pounds effectively without feeling hungry and at the same time remaining healthy. Many people tend to cut down the amount of food that they eat as well as minimizing the amount of Carbs in their diet. It is however worth noting that not all Carbs are bad and that taking the right amount of carbs can actually help you lose the extra pounds. Continue

5 Effective Yoga Poses To Do After Sitting All Day

desk yoga

Sitting all day can be quite exhausting, taking great toll on your body especially your back. This might lead to pain on the shoulder, neck, upper and lower back, and if unattended to, this might lead to chronic complications. The backs of the legs are not an exception as they often get tight. Thankfully, there are a few yoga poses that you can perform to relax your body and improve flexibility. Read on. Continue

What Exercises Can I Do to Get Rid of a Flat Butt?

avoid flat butt

We aren’t all lucky enough to be born with the curves of Beyonce and J Lo, but a butt to be jealous can be achieved by certain workouts that will target that area. If you don’t have a particularly shapely and attractive booty and have been asking yourself, What exercises can i do to get rid of a flat butt? Then read on and find out. Continue

5 Things That Keep Us Forever Young

forever young

The science of aging infers that youth is associated with petty looks, energetic outlook and cheerful behavior, while old age tends to bring sufferings and unhappiness with it. How many of us actually believe that staying young at heart is more important than physical appearance? The mystical fountain of youth is a loving and happy heart. As our bodies age gracefully, minds can actually get younger, if we love everyone and spread happiness around us. Continue

A Better Body in 2 Hours a Week: A Total-Body Workout

body workout

Getting a better body does not have to mean spending hours and hours on end at the gym on the treadmill. Getting in shape and having that toned body you always dreamed of is simply a matter of working out in the most efficient way possible. You can get a great body by working out only 2 hours a week if you simply combine muscle strengthening exercises with cardiovascular exercises. Continue

3 Gluten-Free Recipes That You Will NOT Want To Miss

gluten free recipes

Gluten-free recipes are a rage now and have been for quite sometime. Health enthusiasts the world-over are replacing gluttonous flour-laced desserts with healthier, gluten-free options. Home makers now possess almond meal and soy flour in their pantries where once bags of regular flour were stored. Continue

10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Runner woman

Losing weight is a big challenge to almost everybody who pursues this goal. There are so many factors that will make one to lose motivation in losing weight and so many people just get tired and quit the weight loss struggle. The most discouraging point in weight is when you reach the plateau stage i.e. when weight loss slows down or stops completely. Unless you seek motivation to move on, you never be able to achieve the weight that you desire. Continue

The 3 Worst Drinks for Your Health

worse drink for health

Staying fit and healthy is not just about eating the right food – you should also take note of what you are drinking throughout the day. It is true that it is necessary to consume a considerable amount of liquid every day, but you also need to watch out for the 3 worst drinks for your health. You may not know it, and it may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but there are actually several types of drinks that can be bad for the health and the body.