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Privacy Policy

At 99diet.com we care of our visitor’s privacy conditions. The information that we receive while your visit is kept secured and isn’t delivered to any third parties.


With this privacy policy statement we want to inform you about the information that we gather when you visit our blog. The date that is available for us includes your geographic location, your IP addresses, operating systems and browsers, the keywords you were searching for when you visited the website and the referral links and pages you entered from. We need all this information to observe the performance of the blog and analyze the behavior of our visitors to track whether they are satisfied and whether the information we provide is valuable for them. After analyzing all this data we will do our best to improve the information we provide to you.


Besides the data mentioned above, we may get your email addresses, if you subscribe to our blog updates. Your email addresses, as well as all other information, will be kept secured and no other party will have access to them.


We aren’t responsible for the privacy policy of sites we are linked to them or the privacy policy of the advertisement published on the website.


For any further information regarding to your privacy, you can contact the blog author.