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15 Healthy Meals Under 12 Minutes

Everyone has at least one quick healthy-meal they can whip-up in just 12 minutes. These are the kind of meals you can make when you can’t cook or just need something fast.


The couscous and vegetables is a short meal that you can make in just five minutes. It is very healthy with vegetables, olive oil flavor couscous, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. You can substitute the couscous with wheat pasta or healthy Quinoa.
Veggie Scramble

Heat prepressed and seasoned tofu in your favorite stir fry source and frozen veggies in your pan in less than ten minutes. Pour some microwaveable brown-rice and enjoy this short healthy meal!
The veggie-scramble is another very short healthy meal that mainly comprises of sauté-frozen mixed veggies in olive with added scrambled eggs all mixed together.
The taco salad is perfect for your lunch. Just combine tablespoons salsa, olive oil, low fat Greek yogurt and chili powder. Serve this dressing with salad made of spinach, celery stalk, scallion black olives corn, and rinsed black-beans. You can choose to add toasted-tortilla into the salad meal.
cheesy broccoli and riceBroccoli and rice meal made from salute-frozen broccoli in a tea spoonful olive oil. You can add cheese and garlic powder; brown rice is optional.
Rice, broccoli and avocado; cooked rice, cooked beans or lentils, shredded mozzarella-cheese, guacamole or avocado and salsa is a fast, easy and yummy nutritious meal.
Combine tomatoes, lemon juice and dates, then blend till smooth, add half spinach-mixture to blend smoothly. Add the contents to a saucepan with some other spinach mixture and serve the spinach-cream gazpacho at room temperature.
The lentil soup is another superb meal that takes less than ten minutes. The meal includes fresh-chopped carrots, potatoes added to some lentils and dried thyme in a pressure cooker. Very healthy!
Rice-bowl dinner is a perfect evening healthy meal with rice, some added veggies, red pepper, and peas with some little amount of oil.
Slice up onions, garlic and bottled-roasted red pepper and salute in some olive oil and add herbs, beaten eggs to a pan and cook for less ten minutes.
Use canned fat free re-fried-beans sprinkled in cheese, with some chicken, mushrooms or pepper in your fridge to make this cheese-quesadillas.
Sprinkle some lemon-pepper seasoning of fresh salmon, grill it for a minute and finish the cooking in 2 minutes. Serve this with fresh-green beans steamed in a microwave for 2 minutes.
Spicy veggies is another healthy meal for your dinner. Combine rinsed black beans, diced tomatoes, an okra and cook for ten minutes. Stir with hot sauce and add salt for taste.
Creamy Lemon Avocado LinguiniCreamy-avocado pasta; cook this according to the package-instructions for around ten minutes, combine with lemon juice, garlic clove, olive oil, avocado and basil.
The veggie fried rice comprises of rice, cherry tomatoes, rinsed black-beans, vegetable all cooked for about 7 minutes. Serve with an egg and shredded cheddar-cheese.nbsp;
Slice up onions, garlic and bottled-roasted red pepper and salute in some olive oil and add herbs, beaten eggs to a pan and cook for less ten minutes.